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Sheet Bamboo White

Sheet Bamboo White



100% Vscose of Bamboo

Experience the ultimate in comfort with our bamboo bed sheet. Its natural bamboo material offers a luxurious silky look, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing sleep.

• Silky soft feeling
• Breathable and moisture-wicking for cooling and
sweat-free sleeping
• Wrinkle-free and flowing drape for a lustrous look
• All-around elastic for secure fit

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100% viscose of bamboo

Experience the ultimate in comfort with our bedding sheet crafted entirely from 100% bamboo viscose. Enjoy its exceptional breathability, cooling effect, and moisture-wicking properties. Stay refreshed and restful throughout the night.

Silky soft feeling

Our bedding sheet is made from 100% viscose of bamboo, giving you a super soft feel like silk that won't want to get up from.

All-around elastic

Fitted with all-around elastic to keep the sheet in place, you can enjoy a restful sleeping experience with no slipping concerns.

Envelope Closure Pillowcases

Envelope-style pillowcases are designed for your pillow to stay snugly and securely.

More Delicate Details


1 Pillow Case
20"x 30"

1 Flat Sheet 66"x 100"
1 Fitted Sheet 39"x 75" x 16"

Twin XL

1 Pillow Case
20" x 30"

1 Flat Sheet 66" x 100"
1 Fitted Sheet 39" x 80" x 16"


2 Pillow Cases
20"x 30"

1 Flat Sheet 81" x 96"
1 Fitted Sheet 54"x 75" x 16"


2 Pillow Cases
20"x 30"

1 Flat Sheet 90"x 102
1 Fitted Sheet 60"x 80" x 16"


2 Pillow Cases
20"x 40"

1 Flat Sheet 108" x 102
1 Fitted Sheet 70" x 80" x 16"

Cal King

2 Pillow Cases
20" x 40"

1 Flat Sheet 108"x 102"
1 Fitted Sheet 72" x 84" x 16"


Bedding FAQ

Why did we select bamboo as the material for our bedding sheet set?

We choose 100% bamboo viscose as the material for our bedding sheet set because it offers not only a silky touch but also breathability and moisture-absorption properties. This combination ensures a more comfortable and fresh sleep experience for you.