What Is A Hybrid Mattress

A Hybrid Mattress

The mattress industry has experienced some progress over the years. Companies have introduced more creative methods to make customers more comfortable and satisfied. One of those methods is the advent of a hybrid mattress.

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that consists of multiple foam layers combined with a layer of spring. This layer of spring makes the mattress more bouncy and the layer of foam makes it very comfortable.

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Components Of A Hybrid Mattress

Components Of A Hybrid Mattress

Mattresses generally have different layers that contain different components, depending on the type. The layers include:

  • The Comfort Layer:
  • This layer is usually the topmost layer on all mattresses. In a hybrid mattress, this layer can consist of a cooling knitted fabric, quilled knitted fabric, memory foam, gel foam and latex. 

    This layer contains multiple layers of the aforementioned materials in various combinations. Also, it helps you feel comfortable in bed.   

  • The Support Layer:
  • This layer is what differentiates a hybrid mattress from a regular mattress. This layer consists of multiple pocket springs. This layer is responsible for the bouncy feel of the bed.   

  • The Base:
  • This is the layer below the pocket springs. The material used for this layer can range from a support mattress to a non-slip fabric. Also, to further give your bed an additional base, you can get a quality bed frame from egohome.

    Benefits Of A Hybrid Mattress

    A Hybrid Mattress from Egohome

    Hybrid mattresses are getting more popular day by day. This is due to the numerous benefits provided by this type of mattress. A few of these benefits include:

    • Comfortability: Hybrid mattresses provide the level of comfort you need. The pocket springs offer support irrespective of your body size or sleeping position.
    • Easy Cleaning: Fabrics used in making hybrid mattresses are very sustainable. If you are the type that doesn't like to spend hours cleaning your mattress, then this is for you. 

    Most hybrid mattresses come with bases that don't contain foamy materials, which makes cleaning easier. Also, they tend to retain less odor than regular mattresses.

    • Reduced Motion Transfer: The pocket springs in hybrid mattresses move independently. Therefore, while getting out of bed, the movement is not spread across the whole bed. 

    This is one of the reasons why hybrid mattresses are best for couples and light sleepers. As the sleep of your partner is not disturbed by your movement.  

    • Edge support: Pocket springs in hybrid mattresses are evenly distributed throughout the bed including the edges. The presence of support at the edges prevents it from being a weak point.

    This translates to more sleeping space and eliminates the fear of falling off. If you have problems with sleeping space you might want to consider a hybrid mattress.

    • Versatility: Hybrid mattresses allow you to choose the degree of firmness or softness of your bed. The pocket springs are produced with varied firmness and are not just a single type.

    This is why it is also advisable to get your hybrid mattress from companies like egohome. They make their own pocket springs and your preferences can be implemented.

    • Quality Sleep: Using a hybrid mattress makes your sleep enjoyable. The comfortable surface and the bouncy feeling make your sleep peaceful. You also don’t have to worry about your body sinking into the bed.   
    • Pain Relief: Hybrid mattress can help to relieve muscle and joint pains. Due to the evenly distributed spring support, hybrid mattresses allow you to rest every part of your body.

    This can help relieve joint pains after a very busy day. 

    • Breathable: Hybrid mattresses give you a cool feeling whenever you sleep on them. This is largely due to the air spaces between the springs. These air spaces allow air to move through your mattress. 

    This also translates to less heat retention, as opposed to regular mattresses that are packed with several layers of foam. Some hybrid mattresses also have a cooling technology (gel-infused memory foam) which also improves cooling.

      • Easy Mobility: Hybrid mattresses can be compressed into the smallest size possible. Most hybrid mattresses come in a box which aids easy transport from one place to another.  
  • Appropriate For Any Sleeping Position: Irrespective of your preferred sleeping position, hybrid mattresses are your best bet. This is due to a good supporting mechanism and its versatility which has already been mentioned.
    • Long Lasting: Hybrid mattresses tend to last longer than most regular mattresses. On average, hybrid mattresses can last up to 7 -10 years (https://mattressland.com/blog/how-long-do-hybrid-mattresses-last). The support springs reduce the sagging of the comfort layer. 

    This will give you more time to save up for a new mattress. 

    Disadvantages of Hybrid Mattresses

    While there are numerous benefits of hybrid mattresses, there are also some drawbacks. These drawbacks don't cancel out the benefits rather they help inform your choice. Some of the drawbacks of  hybrid mattresses include:

    • They are expensive: Relative to your regular mattress, hybrid mattresses can be more expensive. This is mostly due to the additional component (pocket spring) and the multiple layers of foam that it possesses.  

    However, there is a wide range of hybrid mattresses available that can be considered, based on your budget.   

    • They are heavier: Due to the number of pocket springs present in a hybrid mattress, they tend to weigh more than a regular mattress. This can be an issue while trying to move them from one place to another.
    • They can retain heat: This might sound confusing because one of the benefits of a hybrid mattress is the cooling effect it has. However, this doesn’t make it totally resistant to heat retention.

    However, the heat retention isn’t as much as regular mattresses and some hybrid mattresses also have cooling mechanisms to solve this problem. 

    • They can’t be flipped: Hybrid mattresses are considered to be one-sided. This means only one side will be exposed to wear and tear every single day without the option to flip to the other side.

    This is however beneficial for those who appreciate a bed that can be easily cleaned.

    How To Care For Your Hybrid Mattress

    Hybrid Mattress Caring

    Hybrid mattresses require regular maintenance just like any other mattress. If you’ve decided to go for a hybrid mattress or you already have one, it is advisable to know how to maintain it.

    This will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Also, it will enable you to enjoy the benefits for a longer time. Here are a few tips on how to care for your hybrid mattress:

    • Use a Mattress cover:

    A mattress cover is one of the ways to protect the fabric in the comfort layer of your hybrid mattress. A mattress cover protects the fabric from liquid spills, sweat, and other substances that can damage the fabric.  

    It also limits wear and tear to the layer of foam because it prevents direct body contact with the mattress.

  • Avoid Folding Your Mattress:
  • Hybrid mattresses are made of hundreds of pocket springs that are rigid in structure. Folding a hybrid mattress can cause permanent damage to these springs. Also, it can distort the arrangement of these springs.

    Therefore, if you have a hybrid mattress, resist the urge to fold it up. Memory foam mattresses are the ones that can be folded easily. 

  • Regular Cleaning:
  • Hybrid mattresses are known for their ease of maintenance compared to memory foam mattresses. Therefore, it is important to clean your mattress regularly. It is advisable to clean a hybrid mattress at least once a month

    Regular mattress cleaning helps to get rid of stains, odors, insects, and dead skin cells. These substances can cause gradual damage to the fabric of your mattress. Also, cleaning your mattress helps you have a better sleep.

  • Rotate Your Mattress:
  • One way to reduce wear and tear on your mattress is to rotate it periodically. Rotating your mattress prevents constant pressure on just one side of your mattress.  

    It is advisable to rotate your mattress at least every two to three months.

    Where To Purchase A Hybrid Mattress

    Purchase mattresses from Egohome

    Hybrid mattresses have seen a rise in their demand. This is not surprising as they have a lot of benefits. Hybrid mattresses can be found in most online and physical mattress stores.

    However, it is always best to purchase your mattress from a trusted manufacturer. Egohome is a trusted manufacturer of comfortable and affordable hybrid mattresses. They produce high-quality components for your hybrid mattress.

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    Hybrid mattresses are becoming very common in modern households. This is due to the numerous advantages of the pocket springs over the regular memory foam mattress.

    It is advisable to purchase your hybrid mattress from a trusted manufacturer. Also, maintenance of your hybrid mattress is of utmost importance in order to enjoy all the benefits.