How to Choose Your Ideal Mattress: The Complete Guide for Side Sleepers

Shopping for a new mattress? You might be feeling overwhelmed with all the choices out there. Although it is easy to pick the first one you see, it pays to understand what you are buying, especially for side sleepers. After all, the Sleep Foundation states that good sleep can significantly impact your overall health.

Of course, there are different factors that you need to take into account when shopping for a mattress. You need to consider your weight, your sleeping position, and if you prefer a particular level of firmness. Aside from that, it is best that you visit a mattress store in person to test several mattresses to get a feel for them.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers should choose a mattress that is medium soft to medium firm. This will give your body enough support to minimize the sharpest points of your body, which are your shoulders and hips.

Aside from that, you also need to consider the type of mattress that you want for your home. Most mattresses back in the day were made with innerspring. However, the mattress industry has evolved, and we now have more options. Among the different types of mattresses are:

  • Foam

This mattress is made entirely from foam and has an above-average contouring ability. Ideal for side sleepers and couples. The most popular version of this is memory foam.

  • Innerspring

This type of mattress is made from coils and layers of foam. It typically has the lowest price point, and the surface is bouncier but provides minimal pressure relief.

  • Latex

Latex mattresses offer good bounce and durability. The contouring for this mattress is moderate at best.

  • Hybrid

A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses. Some even come with micro-coils to add to the user’s comfort. It provides adequate support and contouring for all kinds of sleepers.

  • Airbed

As the name suggests, this type of mattress requires a pump to adjust its level of firmness. Couples prefer this bed because they can adjust each side to their desired firmness.

What is the Best Mattress Height?


The average bed height is 16” to 24” off the ground. This puts your knees at a 90-degree angle when you sit on the edge of your bed. Of course, this will vary depending on your height. The quickest way to determine what’s suitable for you is to sit on the edge of your mattress. Your feet should be planted firmly on the floor with your knees at a right angle. If not, you can either lower your bed or make it higher.

As for the average height of a mattress, standard sizes range between 8 and 12 inches. And just like with some fast foods, even 18-inch supersized versions of mattresses are available. Those on the heavier side should go for mattresses 10” in height and above. Overall, your goal should be to choose a mattress that will not be too difficult to get out of in the morning.

8-inch vs. 12-inch Mattress


An 8-inch mattress is more suitable for children. It’s often used in guest rooms and is great for temporary use. However, the ideal size for adults would be 10 to 12 inches.

12-inch vs. 14-inch Mattress



Both sizes are suitable for side sleepers since they offer adequate support and are also appropriate for combination sleepers. However, back sleepers would do best with a 10 to 12-inch mattress that is supportive.

What is the Best Mattress Material?

Aside from knowing different types of mattresses, you should also pay attention to mattress materials. Although there are various types out there, they mostly fall under these three categories:

  • Memory Foam

This type of material is super soft and extra squishy. It is popular because it doesn’t transfer body movements. If your partner sits on one end of the bed and you on the other, you will not notice it at all. Memory foam follows your body's contours while supporting your pressure points. However, it can get hot quickly because it traps moisture.

  • Latex

Latex mattresses can be made from synthetic or organic latex. This is typically used by those who need a firm mattress to sleep on because of back problems, for example.

  • Innerspring

Aside from being budget-friendly, this material offers comfort and support. However, you need to test this one out, as some may not have enough support or cushion.

Identifying the difference in mattress materials can help you find the right bed.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain


A memory foam Mattress is the best mattress for shoulder pain. For example, an EGO 10-inch copper-infused mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions and cradles your shoulders with great support. The liquid gel layer keeps you cool at night while the memory foam contours your body and alleviates your pressure points. It is not surprising that this is also the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain


A hybrid mattress is ideal if you are looking for the best mattress for hip pain. The individual pocketed springs provide support and comfort on all pressure points, no matter your sleeping position. This is the best mattress for back and hip pain because of the combination of memory foam and pocket springs, known for their contouring abilities and adequate support.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain


Side sleepers with back pain need a mattress that supports their spine. It should not be too soft, which will cause you to sink into your bed as you lie on your back. That said, the best mattress for back and side sleepers is the hybrid mattress. The combination of pocket springs and layers of foam gives you a comfortable bed to sleep in and adequate support for your spine and joints. You should invest in a top-quality hybrid mattress for side sleepers that is either medium soft to medium hard.

If you are looking for the best mattress for side sleepers, look no further than EGO mattresses. Want to know more about our brand? Talk to a sales agent today, and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress.