The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Are you aware that a bad mattress can lead to back pain? Additionally, it may result in poor sleep. According to studies, lack of sleep has been linked to undesirable outcomes like irritability, selfishness, and general moodiness. 

This latest development is certainly a wake-up call (pardon the pun) for people to get enough sleep. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in the right mattress. This is particularly valid if you experience back pain.

What are the Factors That May Cause Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world. 540 million people have back pain issues, and 5 percent develop chronic back pain. Several factors lead to this problem.

  • Bad Mattress Construction: A mattress that’s too soft or too hard can strain back muscles. A too-softmattresscauses your hips and back to sag, which leads to the spine falling out of alignment. Meanwhile, a hard mattress places pressure on your joints. This isn’t good if you tend to sleep on your side or back.
  • New Mattress: You might also experience back pain after sleeping on a new mattress. Asyou might imagine, this occurs frequently, but it doesn't necessarily imply that your mattress is defective.It might just be that your body is still getting used to it. Allow some time.
  • Sleep Position: Do you like sleeping on your stomach? That might be why you’re experiencing back pain. Your spine's muscles and joints may be strained in this position. Additionally, lying on your stomach causes your neck to turn, which can cause upper back and neck pain.
  • Muscle Strain: This frequently occurswhen you make sudden movements, like twisting. Sports-related injuries or improperly lifting a large object might also cause muscle strain.
  • Stress: We're not referring to the physical, mental, and emotional toll life takes, but insteadto excess pressure, bad posture, or the few extra pounds we carry. These cause discomfort and backachesby forcing your back muscles to work harder than they should.

How Good Mattresses Relieve Back Pain?


If there’s one universal truth about mattresses is that there’s no perfect one. What works for you might not work for someone else. But sleep experts agree that a good mattress is neither too hard nor too soft.

Sleep specialists also agree that you should invest in a good bed. This is especially true when you have back pain, and a good mattress can go a long way toward relieving it.

One way a proper mattress does this is by minimizing the hammock effect. This happens when the body follows a sagging mattress's curves, which can abnormally lead to your spine curving. A great mattress will ensure your spine is aligned correctly. You’ll also have more movement freedom since your muscles don’t have to compensate for the lack of lower spine support.

5 Mattress Shopping Tips for Those with Back Pain


Buying a new mattress is serious business. A good mattress can cost a pretty penny, so you want to make sure you choose the best one for your back. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Go shopping in the afternoon. It’s better to shop later in the day. This is the time when those back aches can start to manifest. You’ll then have an effective gauge if the mattress can deliver its promise.
  • Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Your body will tell you if the mattress is too soft or firm for your needs. The pressure points on your joints will indicate if the bed is too firm. Consider your shoulders and hips. If you feel they’re sinking into the mattress, then it’s too soft.
  • A pillow is handy when buying a mattress. The best way to test a mattress is to lie on it as if you’re getting ready for sleep. This means having a pillow or two. Consider bringing a pillow with you. A better option is to look into a new pillow that protects your neck.
  • Consider the height of your bed. You should also know the height of your bed frame before shopping for a mattress. The ideal bed height for you is when your knees align with your hipsand your feet are flat on the floor. A bed that’s too high or low can also cause back problems. You want your new mattress to change your bed’s height for the better.
  • Go with an extended trial. Ask the store if they allow an in-home trial for several months. You want to try out your new mattress in its “natural” environment, which is your home. Your body and mattress will take time to align and adjust. You should be allowed the time to do that and change to a different mattress if it doesn’t fit.

Best Mattress for Back Pain


The good news is you don’t have to take back pain sitting down. You can help alleviate and even prevent it by choosing the right mattress. Here are your best options:

  • Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is an excellent choice if you want to wake up without back pain. It provides the proper support for your spine and doesn’t twist out of shape. Memory foam also distributes your weight, so your body rests evenly on the mattress, relieving the stress on various pressure points.

This type of mattress also isolates your sleeping partner’s motion ensuring a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

  • Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of two mattress styles. It typically has coils and a comfort layer constructed with memory foam or latex. A hybrid mattress is an ideal choice as it can support all types of sleeping positions. Since it’s a mix of two support systems, it can handle people sleeping on their back, side, or stomach.

A hybrid mattress, like the Ego Mprove, has the perfect mix of firmness and softness. The comfort layer also cradles the body, so the spine’s alignment is secure while relieving joint pain. The coil springs of the mattress ensure the bed will retain its shape longer with less sagging, which means more comfort for you.

Listen to Your Body

Your body won’t steer you in the wrong direction. It’s why you should listen to it when choosing a mattress. A good bed supports and cradles your back and eases pressure points while allowing free movement. These recommendations can help ensure you get a good night’s sleep and don’t worry about back pain when you wake up.

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