Fitting in your hobby


For many, maintaining a hobby alongside work can at times feel like too much to handle. Despite these reservations, there are countless positives to the idea as the balancing act of both hobby and work makes people more rounded, much more organized and much more appealing to potential future employers. If you’d like to discover how to achieve the balance, check out top tips for work/hobby harmony.

Make time.

Hobbies and interests outside of work rarely tend to happen if no planning takes place. Instead of telling yourself that you’ll try something new this week, instead say that between these specific hours on this specific day, you will do said thing. It can be strange planning out your life this literally, but it does really pay off in the long time, as you find yourself motivated to get up and going.

Another great tip for making time is to get your hobby, interest or task done in the morning before your day truly starts. Heading into the rest of the day knowing that you’ve already completed something that you’re passionate about can be a brilliant feeling, boosting your mood and encouraging a sense of


If one of your main passions is writing, taking the time to write on your work commute can be a great way to still indulge in this. Simply pack your laptop, tablet or even just pen and paper, and your work doesn’t feel that tiresome anymore.

Find fellow enthusiasts.

If one of your hobbies is heading to the gym before or after work, the motivation to go tends to be much stronger when you have someone to accompany you. Whether it’s someone from your place of work or a friend, workout buddies can be a great way to accommodate your fitness interest outside of the workplace.

Share your talents and interests.

Taking the time to find people to complete your hobbies with is important. If you spend your spare time creating, it’s best to share it with other enthusiasts who will lift you up and encourage you to keep going.